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Singapore Trusted IB, IP, IGCSE, O and a levels Tuition

IB, IP, H2 Math tuition at Bukit Timah
Recommended AP, IB, IP, H2 Math tuition Bishan
  1. 100% grade 6, 7 joining from year 1

  2. 100% "A" grade in Math Extended Essays (EE)

IB - HL/SL Math
IA, EE consultations

  1. 100% grade 6, 7 joining from year 1

  2. 100% "A" grade in Math Extended Essays (EE)

  1. 100% grade 6, 7 joining from year 1

  2. 100% "A" grade in Math Extended Essays (EE)

  1. 100% grade 6, 7 joining from year 1

  2. 100% "A" grade in Math Extended Essays (EE)

Placement (AP)

100% grade 5 in AP Statistics, AB Calculus and BC Calculus

  1. 100% grade 6, 7 joining from year 1

  2. 100% "A" grade in Math Extended Essays (EE)

100% 5 in AP Calculus and Statistics

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  1. 95% distinctions joining from sec 3​

  2. 87% distinctions joining from sec 4

95% distinctions joining from Sec 3

'A' Levels 

1. 94% A or B if joined from J1

2. 100% at least a grade in improvement

77% distinctions joining from J1


AcesMath! is a tuition centre in Singapore Bukit Timah specializing in Mathematics for students taking GCE“A” (H1,H2 Math), GCE “O”(A Math, E Math) levels, IGCSE (A Math, E Math), and IB (HL, SL) examinations.

AcesMath! is helmed by three NIE trained Math teachers who each have more than 10,000 hours of teaching experience and have a track record of helping students achieve their goals in examinations. The team also has IB certification (Cat 2 and 3) on Internal Assessments (IA) and curriculum. 

The small class size (max 12) based on the school of each student means that the kids get to learn more effectively and with the most dedication from each teacher during their sessions.

AcesMath! provides bespoke notes that are designed for students to grasp concepts easily and used as cheat sheets for last minute revision.

hear from our students!

The lessons are very well planned and this definitely made the experience much better! With Mr Mac experience, I was definitely able to better grasp and understands the concepts better along with many worksheets and notes being provided to help u study at home better. Furthermore, the lessons and timings are very flexible allowing one to better cope with one’s schedule. Lastly , Mr Mac was very friendly and approachable, being able to help us during the week .

Gabriel Toh

Mr Loo is really passionate when teaching and always explains the concepts until I understand. He clears all the doubts and confusion I have about the topic. I used to find math really difficult and was afraid of it but with Mr Loo’s help, math became easier and less foreign. He tries to see from his student’s perspective to understand what exactly they do not understand about the topic and then he explains it in a relatable way that is easy to understand. I really recommend people, especially overseas singaporeans taking IB math to come for this tuition :)

Allycia Koh

Mr Lee was really patient and helpful during lessons and always answers my questions promptly. He really helped me gain more confidence when solving math questions.
He is really dedicated and detailed in his teaching and made sure that students were able to understood the math concepts before moving on. Not only that, he also taught us some tricks and methods that help us to solve the math questions faster.
Really grateful to have Mr Lee as my math tutor and would definitely recommend going to Aces Math for math tuitions:)

Yang Xu Feng

Mr mac is a very friendly and patient teacher. He always tries his best to make learning more fun while at the same time ensuring that we understand whats being taught. Since its a small class size, everyone in the class is well taken care of. Mr mac will take note of students who may seem to be struggling and offer help to them. The study environment is also very relax such that you won’t feel stress to speak up any doubts. Its really fun and enjoying to attend his lessons. I’m really thankful for his care and support especially towards the start A levels.

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