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ebooks for H2, IB, IGCSE A Math
Free trial math tuition lesson, H2, IB, IP A Math


Below are some perks that we offer to all our students, supporters!


Come for a free trial lesson to see how it works for you! Bring along your test papers, assignments for our teachers to deep-dive into your weaknesses and provide more on point advice for improvement!


Tiring travelling between school/home and Math tuition? So ask your friends (min 3 pax) to form a class and we sponsor you guys Grab rides, helps you to save money too! (Psst, don’t forget, you earn the friend referral fee too)

3.ACESMATH! ebooks

We do not charge any admin, deposit or printing fee, on top of that all students get free access to our ebooks!

Get a preview on tips and tricks for your graphical calculator here!

Terms and conditions for free trial lesson
a) Every student is entitled to at most one free trial lesson with the centre;
b) The free trial is only available for an existing class;
c) The centre reserves the right to refuse free trial lesson to anyone deem not suitable for a specific class.


Because YOU deserve it for spreading our good name!

We want to thank you for helping us!

Have any requests and ideas?

Feel free to share with us!


We will do our best to make it!

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