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Our history

Aces Aspire was conceived from a shared vision between its founders Veron and Alvin: that everyone should have access to quality education. We firmly believe that students should be able to seek academic guidance with ease and in comfort - our lessons are student-centred and we maintain a healthy cap (max 9) on our class sizes. The tutors are all NIE trained with at least ten years of experience. We have experience in tutoring students across multiple streams at IB, "A" Levels, AP, "O" Levels and IGCSE.

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An IB Cat 3 educator with also qualifications in PGDE (Sec + JC Math) from NIE, Actuarial Science (U Leicester), Machine Learning (U Hopkins) and Bachelor of Science in Pure Math (NUS). Mr Alvin Loo possesses Pure, Applied Math and Pedagogy knowledge all together.

He started his teaching career in NUS High School of Math and Science, leading their AP statistics team before leaving for the insurance sector as a risk management executive. He subsequently started AcesMath! in 2018 with the belief that high quality education should be accessible to everyone.

Mr Lee Jun Cai graduated with a First-Class Honours Bachelor of Science from National University of Singapore (NUS). As a student, he won numerous prestigious awards like Tan Teck Chwee Book Prize (Best student in Pure Mathematics) and the DD Chelliah Gold Medal (Best student in Mathematics).

He started his teaching career with his alma mater Raffles Institution (RI) and moved on to teach in Catholic Junior College. While working, Mr Lee also furthered his studies with Master of Science in Mathematics from NUS and an International Baccalaureate (IB) Category Two certification.

He is also a published author, check out his books here!

Download a free copy of tips for Ti-84 here!

Mr Lee Jun Cai - NIE certified, ex RI Math tutor
Mr Alvin Loo Chee Wee - IB certified teacher, good results HL tuition

In 2019, we re-branded as AcesMath! in order to showcase our  specialities better, but rest assured that Math is not our only offering, contact us to find out more!

We are located at Coronation plaza sitting at the intersection of Downtown and Circle line in order to be accessible to more students!

our values

Here at AcesMath!, all of our teachers uphold these core values. Our well-planned curriculum is catered to the holistic development of our students. Apart from guiding them towards achieving their fullest potential, we believe in imbuing our students with a self-driven mindset and stimulating their intellectual curiosity.



We are driven to foster our students to be lifelong seekers, creators of value to themselves and more importantly, their community.



We are committed to performance, guiding our students in every step of their journey towards realising their targets.

AcesMath H2, IB, A Math, IGCSE Math Tuition
tuition for ACS(I) students, syllabus



The value we place on our student-teacher relationships is reflected in our desire to make every lesson a personalised one.



The Aces team is united with the common goal and purpose in providing our students with quality education and mentoring.

math tuition for hcis students

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