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Advice for IB Math IA

This is the start of a series of posts on how to do well in the IB Math IA segment.

I want to begin this series by urging you all to treat it at the same level of seriousness as your final IB exam because I have seen too many students giving up and settling for a lesser piece of work due to laziness, tardiness.

Let me explain why 100% of your focus is required. As we all know it's a math exploration report that is worth 20% of the final grade, and it is graded upon a raw score of 20 marks. Comparatively the remaining 80% is graded upon 250 (200) for HL (SL) students. So an extra mark on your IA over your peers is an head-start of 3.125 (2.5 for SL) marks in your final exams.

So say two students get 12 and 15 marks for their IA respectively. A 3% lead implies a raw score advantage of 9.375 (7.5 for SL). This translates to a late section A question. The advantage is not insignificant.

Push the 15 to 17 marks, and we are looking at an advantage of 15.625 (12.5 for SL), that's practically a section B question already. Not to mention the mental advantage you have knowing that you did a great job for your math IA going into your exam compared to another who is entering the exam hall hoping to make up for lost ground.

So in conclusion:

  1. Don't slack off, every bit matters.

  2. Don't do last minute work

  3. Everyone will tired, down or demotivated, it's normal. But it's what you do when you are tired that matters most.

We have our own website some samples Math and Econs IA here.

Feel free to contact us for advice!


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