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Can A.I ever replace teachers?

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Hi everyone, I’m beginning a series of posts on different learning needs and today’s post is on software vs human in teaching! Just to clarify, by A.I I mean any software broadly:

1. Teaches concepts;

2. Automated assessment (w grading).

I have been watching closely ever since big Tech (Google, Apple, Meta TikTok) entered (or tried) the education field and it really got me thinking on the usefulness of a teacher and whether one can ever be replaced by a teaching and assessment software.

Now at AcesMath we believe that the value of a teacher lies beyond just being able to teach concepts and grade work.


That’s something that a YouTube video can do as well. To teach better than a software a teacher should be able to illustrate concepts using multiple ways (especially since students have different learning styles) and more importantly be able to have strategic pause judging from the facial expression (even under a mask) of students.


Another aspect lies in grading. Beyond grading and awarding marks a good teacher should provide personalised feedback for students to improve effectively. Too often others only teach and share the model solutions without guiding and correcting how students should move from point A to Z.

AcesMath holds the philosophy that a teacher must excel minimally in these two areas. Our small class sizes (max 9) allows two-way conversations in class and for teachers to prepare worksheets catered to individuals and more importantly, making sure that leave each lesson better than they were at the start of each lesson!

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