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How to do well in school ("O", "A" levels, IB, IGCSE, AP)

Hello everyone, happy new year!

Most of you will be starting school tomorrow and some of you are even starting at a new school.

I want to use this entry to share some quick advice on how to do well in school:

a) Be organised - pack your bags, files neatly and organise your schedule properly so you will never have to waste too much time finding your stuff and figuring out where and what you need to do;

b) Pay attention in class always - I understand this can be challenging sometimes but you must always make an effort to pick up something from every lesson, don't zone off and let the whole lesson go to waste. This links to my previous post on consistency

c) Be curious and always ask questions - Let me give you an example: You have been operating on a work 5 (Mon-Fri) and rest 2 (Sat-Sun) schedule for the longest time. did this system came about? This system is actually only in place a lot shorter than you think. For the longest time people only had Sunday off due to religious reasons and had a 6 day work week, but Henry Ford the founder of car company Ford decided to instil a 5 day workweek to encourage his employee to go on longer road-trips, getaways and yes they will thus have to purchase a Ford car for their trips. Soon other companies follow suite and here we are.

So there you go, three quick advice for you to start your school year on the right note.

For more advice feel free to contact us at or 9723 4217 for a free trial lesson, our tutors will be able to advise more from there!

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