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Online vs onsite lessons

I once read that the first adopters of a new technology will reap its benefits the most, subsequent adopters who merely follow the crowd not much while people who shunt it gets left behind.

New technologies bring about new ways of doing things. I can understand most people have concerns regarding the safety and security issue but put it another way, why would a company roll out a loosely designed product when any severe compromise can damage its reputation and threaten its existence? Case in point: online banking, credit card transactions, fingerID log in.

With work, school, life resuming normalcy post covid it seems that the concept of hybrid, online learning has died down. However, students (and parents) should continue to stay open-minded on online live lesson, or even pre-recorded lessons. The first-degree advantages are straight-forward:

1. save commute time,

2. can playback a lesson easily

Also, one can gain access to teachers not restricted to geographical locations.

AcesMath is very humbled by how we had students from overseas (Taipei European school, Brunei International school, Dubai International Academy) approaching us for lessons and we saw them through their entire IB journey despite not meeting them physically at all.

Proofs - Mathematical Induction lesson
Good IB Math HL tutors

online IB HL lessons - Taipei European School
Best IB Math HL tuition

Of course, there are numerous advantages to an onsite lesson, a good teacher can check on the level of understanding of a student not just based on the questions he/she answers but also their body language (sitting up, face brightens up, speaking with more confidence etc).

The Covid period has produced an unprecedented amount of learning and instructional content online, everyone should make more use of them!

AcesMath has a YouTube channel (though not as well maintained as I like, would really appreciate any advice!)

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