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POST PSLE - Sec School Selection

Hello everyone, PSLE results are releasing soon and clearly the thoughts on most peoples' mind is about school selection. I just want to share a few opinions of mine here:

Listing out some standard thoughts first:

1) Choosing the best school my score allows;

2) Choosing the school my siblings, parents or even grandparents went.

I'm not saying that the view points above are wrong, but a few considerations before you jump right in:

a) Are you similar or different to your siblings, parents and grandparents?

b) Choosing the best feasible school out there is an obvious choice, but do you actually know anything about the school at all?

In my humble opinion, the questions to ask ought to be in the following areas:

1) Choosing the school that will value add to you most, value add can be in the following areas:

a) do they have the academic parameters (Higher mother tongue or any specialisation)

b) CCA excellence?

2) Is commute convenient? (When I was a JC student, my one way commute to school was an hour plus - a nightmare)

3) If you have the financial resources to enrol in international schools (ACS Int, HCIS, SJI Int), do bear in mind that even though the local school system is intense and can be quite stressful at times, it does has it strengths - one main point is it teaches you to be aggressive.

That being said, at 12 years + one's character is still very much mould-able. No matter where you get posted on, learn to capture all the opportunities out there to improve yourself as a person, academically and beyond.

If you really feel you got the short end of the stick in school posting or have made a wrong choice in school selection, let me assure you that it won't be the first and last time you made a bad choice or have a life decision ruled against you.

It is however up to you to make the most of it regardless.

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