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stress management techniques/load management

I’m observing a (disturbing) growing trend of students who can’t buckle themselves down to work, letting their “to do list” pile up and content deficit from school grow unchecked. And when things rear to an ugly state, they claim they are stressed, too much inertia to start doing anything (while still spending hours on IG, YT, TK), only for parents to spend more money sending them to counsellors telling them the same stress management techniques I have always been saying (but in a 1000x gentler tone):

Get your act together, stop making excuses and get down to work, one thing at a time.

  1. The problem on hand is your making, the solution has to come from you. Yes people who care can assist, but the origin has to be you.

  2. Content deficit from school does not grow linearly, it grows exponentially as concepts are interlinked and techniques from foundational topics and still required as you spiral up.

  3. There is no perfect time or place to start. Start doing work now, anywhere. 1 question today, 2 questions tomorrow, 4 questions the day after.

  4. Put your phone, computer down and go exercise if you have to de-stress, people who are physically tired have no time and energy to feel stressed.

It really is that simple.

Start, if fail so be it then. At least you tried. Reflect on what you did wrong, start again.

If you don’t start, you will never pass.


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