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Tips on doing well for IB English Lang Lit Individual Oral (IO)

AcesMath! is proud to announce that we have a new English tutor Ashleigh Hearn (Hwa Chong International School-Class of 2021), she graduated with a score of 43 and scored straight As for all her English assignments and exams throughout her IB journey (needless to say, she topped the cohort for English Lang & Lit).

She has tutoring, mentoring experience in advising her peers during her years in HCIS. Her greatest strength lies in the fact that she does not just give you her (close to perfect) answer but seek to build a bridge between your current work and the best state you can be in.

Below is an article penned by Ashleigh on tips to ace your IO:

For all IB students, the Individual Oral is an important part of your English Language journey (for SL - 30%, HL - 20%). Many students fear this component as it requires you to be spontaneous and think on your feet.

Here are 4 quick tips on how to make your Individual Oral stand out so you can score top marks!

1. Refer to a variety of sources

Books, journals and speeches contain various diverse opinions that can revolve around the same issue. Be sure to do your research on your global issue so that you portray an unbiased argument that is rich with ideas. The examiner will be impressed and more inclined to increase your marks.

2. Work on your expression

The examiner won’t be able to read your script, they can only hear it! Vary your intonation and pause at the necessary punctuation to ensure the examiner’s attention is sustained throughout your oral. Additionally, make your you clearly convey your points so that the examiner won’t miss any of your great ideas!

3. Don’t undervalue the importance of the 10 point outline!

The 10 point outline is a life saver! The oral session is quite pressuring and the 10 points serve as a point of reference if your mind suddenly blanks. Plan it well and you will be able to overcome any slip ups and maximise your 10 mins.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice!

The day of the exam can be unpredictable. You may be delayed and get jitters so make sure you know the ins and outs of your 10 minutes speaking section to ensure you remember to cover every point for a flawless delivery. In the lead up to the exam, seek out your peers, parents and siblings and practice with them. Get used to recounting your ideas in front of someone else so that you won’t be nervous at all!

Ashleigh is now conducting lessons on IO and textual analysis at AcesMath!, contact us to kick start now!


HP: 9782 4025

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