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Online sessions - Video lessons,
Individual video consultations, email consultations

Over the years we have accumulated experience in online lessons with students from Canada, Indonesia and Hong Kong etc. Our main takeaways are that the mode of delivery have to be:

  1. even more student-centered than usual to avoid him/her getting distracted;

  2. bite-sized in duration and continuous follow-ups post lesson.

It is unfortunate that we have to cease all physical lessons during this period, and hence we are shifting all our lessons online (Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype)!
Have no worries about security issues, all our teachers are well trained in handling the various software. 

A key concern most parents have about online lessons is the lax supervision that their child will experience. Have no worries on that, we follow up on all our video lessons with work assigned, to be submitted, vetted and discussed in follow-up sessions!

IB Math SL
IB Math SL
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Currently, we provide the following online services:

  1. Group lessons - Normal group lessons (A Math, H2, IB HL/SL);

  2. Online consultation - 1-1 or 1-2 online consultations for a targeted approach;

  3. E-mail, messaging consultation - Mainly for report reviews and seeking commentary on the presentation of solutions. 



Contact us if you have any requests or problems we can help you with!

HP: 9723 4217


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