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A short opinion on Omicron

Hi everyone,

Just taking an entry to share my own thoughts on Omicron variant worrying people nowadays. So...

1) A virus is an organism that requires a host to survive;

2) In order for the virus to increase its longevity, it wants its host to live not die and yet increase its own ability to spread;

3) So generally, whenever a virus mutates its infectious parameter goes up while its mortality rate goes down.

That rounds up my opinion on Omicron. But a few cavaets:

a) this assumes Omicron is indeed a variant of Covid;

b) less dangerous does not mean no danger at all, safety measures should still be taken;

c) there are ideas on Omicron originates from HIV positive patients (as the Covid virus can survive longer in patients whose immune system has been lowered by the HIV virus), this makes any form of extrapolation....difficult.

Stay safe everyone


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