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Advice for IB Econs IA - Structure

Hello all, apologies for going on hiatus for so long! Am now trying to get back the discipline to write more frequently again. In this article I will be sharing advice on the appropriate structure of an Econs IA for the IB syllabus. As you should know, you have to three write-ups (micro, macro and int econs) and each with a word limit of 750 words. Pretty challenging so this is always my preferred way:

Introduction (150 words) - Summarising the article (problem/issue underlying the article - recession/deflation/market failure etc, also to define any key words used), possibly include a graph here explaining the problem

Description (250 words) - How the intended govt policy seeks to solve the problem (link between economic theory and real life policy applications), possibly include a graph here explaining the intended solution

Critical analysis (250 words) - The difficulties, How effective it will be - long/short term, how it affects various stake holders (who wins, who loses), and whether there will be unintended consequence

Conclusion (100 words) - give a suggestion on how the policy can be improved - maybe pair with it something else (etc: loose monetary policy should be paired with expansionary fiscal policy)

There you go folks. This is just a broad based advice, the actual situation requires some fine-tuning based on the article selected of course (which is an art on its own). At AcesMath! we do Econs IA advisory too! Contact us to find out more!


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