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Starting JC ("A" level), should I choose H1 or H2 Math?

Hello all, congratulations on starting JC today.

For almost all of you the subject selection will be straight-forward - first decide whether Arts or Science stream and the choices get narrowed further.

For a Science student, it's almost imperative that you must take H2 Math so the main question ought to be whether you wish to be in Science stream. As always, my advice is for you to think about what and where you want to be for university, it will provide a much clearer path for you then.

For an Arts student, the choice between H1 or H2 Math boils down to a few questions:

  1. How confident are you in coping with the demands of the subject;

  2. How confident are you in scoring well relative to everyone else;

  3. Do you need this subject as an insurance to keep your options open for university?

  4. Have you done your sense-check by downloading some sample H2 Math chapters to see if you can cope?

On (4), feel free to check out sample chapters AcesMath host for our visitors!

Trust me the journey will be fast and over before you know it but I assure you it won't be a flat-line experience. There will be numerous ups and downs and sleepless nights, but hang in there always and remember what you are in for. This is also most likely the last time you will don a school uniform (for the boys, not the last time you will put on an uniform).

For a quick advice on how to do well in school allow me to refer you to my previous posts here and here.

Enjoy your school orientation everyone!


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