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How to do well for TOK (IB)

Acing the TOK essay is a key component to gain your 3 bonus points for IB diploma so here are 5 curated points to help you along the way!

1. Integrate keywords

This is an important part of writing a TOK essay that is often over looked. This is easy to fulfil and markers will appreciate it that you are well versed in the curriculum’s content. Every Way of Knowing and Area of Knowledge contain jargon seen in “a priori knowledge” in Sense Perception or “paradigm shift” in the Natural Sciences. Your textbooks contain a wealth of knowledge so make good use of it.

2. Use a variety of sources

From journals to historic papers to newspapers, the options are endless! Having a variety of sources allows you to demonstrate that you conducted a lot of research and are genuinely interested in your essay.

3. Search for niche examples to implement into your essay

There are thousands of years of history behind us which comes with a multitude of examples that demonstrate similar moral values and lessons that can be used to support your argument. Try to steer clear from the well-trodden paths of examples like “the discovery of penicillin” as the examiner will have read that story before. Although they may take a bit longer to source out, it exemplifies you are a well read and internationally versed student who embodies the IB values perfectly.

4. Read widely!

This can help you develop a unique opinion which would make your essay stand out. By making the marker more intrigued by your argument, this encourages them to award higher marks thereby increasing your chances of the elusive A!

5. Choose Areas of Knowledge that you have a personal interest in

There are 8 to choose from so pick wisely. For instance, if you like History, choose that! You will find it less tiresome to do research and your interest will be revealed to the marker when they are going over your work. Moreover, if History is one of your IB subjects, even better because you can cross reference with your history textbook which contains and expanse of readily available examples!

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