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How to do well in Math (IB, IGCSE, “O”, “A” levels)?

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

This is the second post that I’m penning to provide advice to students hoping to level up and improve their grades!

Today’s advice:

Reflect on and learn from your mistakes!

Too often when we don’t do well in a test or got a question wrong, we just discard it and start afresh. That may not be the most appropriate reaction sometime, often than not it’s better to study why the mistake was made in the first place. Potential reasons could be:

  1. Carelessness?

  2. Lack of understanding of necessary content to complete the question?

  3. Lack of comprehension of question to connect the dots?

Let me give you a basketball analogy, if you are practising your free-throws you should have a third party pointing out your posture and ball arc in order to improve better. Practice blindly, and it’s hard to figure hard what went right/wrong. Is it better to:

a) Practice by shooting 100 free-throws;

b) Practice by stopping only when you score 30 free throws?

I opt for (b) anytime! It forces me to focus, avoid making mistakes and get things right properly.

It’s the same for practising Math papers, don’t just clear your past papers for the sake of clearing it. Harness your killer instinct and get it right at one shot.

When you learn from your mistake, you have a higher chance of not repeating it and it will improve your consistency as a student! That’s one reason why teachers can be good, because we are constantly grading and learning from others’ mistakes! So, students, feel free to look at your peers’ work to improve your learning efficiency.

At AcesMath we don’t just provide the right answers, we make sure students understand why they got it wrong too!

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