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How to do well in Math (IB, IGCSE, “O”, “A” levels)?

Updated: Mar 22

This post kicks off a series of post that I’m penning to provide pin-point advice to students hoping to level up and improve their grades!

Today’s advice:

Write in a way such that a reader equipped with the relevant basic knowledge but was unable to solve the question is now able to learn from your solution and solve the question (and similar ones) independently.

Math tip 1: Always show the workings for numbers, don’t slam random numbers into the workings, without show how they are obtained!

Math tip 2: Write the workings down first before punching anything into your calculator!

Math tip 3: Give more degree of accuracy (at least 5sf or 3dp) in all your interim workings!

I will illustrate the tips with an example question and two solutions:

It's clear which one is better and easy to follow.

Now ask yourself, what's lacking or difficult to follow/grade for solution 1?

Remember it’s never a competition of how little lines you write but making sure that the grader can follow your train of thoughts and really want to award you the marks (or at least have no reason not to).

Writing and presenting in a user-friendly way is paramount when we live in an environment where user-interface is everything!

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