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Post "O"s - JAE - "A" levels? IB? Poly?

Hello all "O" level graduates, congratulations on finishing a milestone in your life.

I understand the question in your (and parents') minds right now is "What school to apply to?"

I just want to share a few points from my perspective here:

(1) Ask yourself where you want to be in 10 years, and then work backwards to 5 years, and then 3 years. Now then ask yourself what path you should take that will maximise your chances of achieving your goals. Of course one's goals and targets will always change in this case you should opt for schools and courses that keep your options as open as possible.

(2) Always opt for an school that can expand your horizon and bring you to a higher platform

(3) Don't opt for a school simply because your parents/siblings went or your friends are going there.

(4) "A" levels and IB will be intensive and you are expected to approach work with a more mature attitude, if you want a more moderated pace perhaps Poly is a better route but rest assured the education you receive in Polys will be no less rigorous. I have personally worked with Singapore Poly School of Infocomm (Diploma in Information Technology) on 3 Final Year Projects and 2 interns and I give them the highest ratings.

(5) Between "A" levels and IB - They do have their individual pros and cons - "A" levels is obviously all in on exams whilst IB will require you to do research projects (some samples here and be more consistent throughout the two years.

Feel free to contact us if you wish to find out more!

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