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Tips on doing well for IB English Lang Lit Infographics

Hello everyone! Below are some tips from our English tutor Ashleigh for your infographics analysis! Hope your find it helpful!

What are infographics?

This is a new text type that was recently featured in the May/Nov 2021 exam session hence its of your great interest to find out more about how to analyse this text.

1. What do you note on a cursory glance?

Infographics are usually read quickly and displayed in poster form so consider what are the main ideas that stand out to you. These can form your body paragraphs. You can talk about the fonts or the graphs used and how these enhance readability.

2. The use of colour

This is important as your exam paper is printed in colour so you can use this to structure your “tone and mood” aspects which are necessary for a holistic analysis. Certain colours are associated with different values, “blue” and trust, so you can draw upon this depending on the purpose of the text.

3. How do language and structural elements work together?

An infographic fuses these together to present and deliver the purpose to the target audience so consider how these are formatted to appeal to that particular reader. Perhaps the use of jargon or diction so that the reader can relate and be draw towards the text which bridges the gap between readers, writers and text.

I hope this is helpful to you and may you find success on you IB journey!

Ashleigh Hearn

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